Android flasher

A great windows application for android managment,backup,apk editor,apk signer,paker and lots of many features for android management.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Client Profile is also needed)
  • Java JDK and JRE and Android SDK

Key features
  1. creator
  2. signer
  3. Flash kernels
  4. Flash recovery images
  5. Flash
  6. Flash system images
  7. Flash data images
  8. Flash splash images
  9. Install APKs (system and user)
  10. Uninstall APKs (system and user)
  11. Unpack APKs
  12. Repack APKs
  13. Sign APKs
  14. Deodex APKs, Jars (both computer and device)
  15. Zip-align APKs
  16. Check MD5 sums
  17. File manager
  18. Root checker
  19. Root your device
  20. Unroot device
  21. Logger (logcat and dmesg)
  22. Rebooter (normal reboot, reboot in recovery, reboot in bootloader, reboot from fastboot)
  23. Backup manager
  24. Backup/restore apps NEW!!
  25. Device ID configurator (device name, build number, Android version)
  26. Unlock bootloader
  27. Lock bootloader
  28. Wipe (system, data, cache, boot, recovery)
  29. And much more to come!
Download Android ultimate toolbox pro here:

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